Office Photo

The offices are located in a 100+ year old house in Milaca, MN just off MN Highway 23.    Arbor Path

Feel free to linger in the gardens before or after your visit.  Walk the labyrinth if you like, wander along the paths, or find a chair or bench and just sit and relax.Boardwalk



Once you come indoors, you will find a cozy waiting area stocked with a variety of beverages (both hot and cold).  Help yourself.  There are a couple of comfy chairs and plenty of reading material.  Waiting Room Many of the books and magazines are available for loan.  If you see something you would like to borrow, just ask.

You will also find complementary brochures and handouts on a variety of health topics.  Feel free to help yourself to any complementary literature that seems interesting to you.  It is there for you.


There are consulting rooms both upstairs and downstairs.  If you have trouble with stairs, let us know so we can reserve the downstairs consulting room for you.



There is also a room for small groups to meet.  Group Room

Classes and workshops on a variety of health and wellness topics are held throughout the year.  Group size is limited to 8 or fewer participants so that everyone can receive plenty of individual attention.